These are the phases where the world seems crazy, uncertain, and a parent needs some extra help. Resources include:

  • Bullying/Kids In Crisis

  • Developing Faith In Your Kids

  • Divorce

  • Technology

  • Sex & Purity

Starting A Family (coming soon)

This is the phase where:

  • We've already said "I DO"

  • We've grown closer together as a couple

  • And we've both decided it's time to start a family

Birth-4 years old. These are the phases when:

  • Nobody sleeps

  • Nobody's on time

  • Everything's a mess

  • Everything can become a game

  • and one curious preschooler wants to know...WHY??

Grades 1-5. These are the phases where:

  • Unfiltered words make you laugh

  • Homework makes you cry

  • Everything is an adventure

  • Friends are best friends

  • And your confident kid will insist...I'VE GOT THIS.

Grades 6-8th. These are the phases where:

  • There's never enough groceries.

  • Nothing you do is cool.

  • Everything is fun in a crowd

  • And one smart kid will keep reminding you that...YEA...I KNOW.

9-12th Grades. These are the phases when:

  • Friendships shift

  • Grades count

  • There's more stress

  • An emerging adult does things for the last time.WHAT'S NEXT?

Young Adults (Coming Soon)

Ages 18+. This is the phase when:

  • College changes everything

  • Friends become family

  • And one young adult starts saying, "what am I going to be when I grow up?"

Engaged (Coming Soon)

This is the phase when:

  • You've found the love of your life

  • They said "yes!"

  • And an anxious couple proclaims, "we're ready to take the plunge!"



Single Parents (Coming Soon)

This is the phase where;

  • Life has changed dramatically

  • Going solo is hard work

  • And a parent begins to ask, "NOW what do I do?"



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