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It's Time To Be Thankful!

It's that time of year again! It's time for our family and friends to join together and celebrate all that we are thankful for (including the food) during a wonderful holiday we call Thanksgiving!

This is a great time to remind your kids that the holidays are more about giving than receiving, and more about being thankful for what you do have rather than being grumpy about what you don't have. In order to help you do that, this month we are providing gratitude postcards for you and your family! You can pick these postcards up at the children's counter in the hallway (take as many as you want). We encourage you to have your kids write letters of thankfulness to the people in their lives that are worthy of such an honor: grandparents, teachers (both Sunday school and public school), and yes even you!

We hope this season is filled with happiness, love, and most importantly, thankfulness!

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