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My First Look: a look at January 2019 for your preschool kids

Hello Parents!

One of the wonderful things about preschoolers is they know they have needs and they are not afraid to let you know. That’s a good thing and something we want to use to help preschoolers see another need they have – a need we all have – and that is Jesus.

Jan 5/6 We will begin the month with a preschool favorite—when the four friends take the lame man to see Jesus. They knew only Jesus could heal their friend. This is a great story to act out over and over again.

Story Focus: My friends need Jesus. When we have friends with needs that we can’t meet, we can take them to Jesus, just like the four friends took their friend to Jesus.

Jan 12/13 Week two we will hear the story of a deaf man who asked Jesus for help. He knew he needed Jesus! We need Jesus and we can ask Him for help too.

Story Focus: I need to ask Jesus for help. Sometimes we need Jesus to do what we can’t because Jesus can do anything!

Jan 19/20 We continue with the miracles into week three where Jesus heals a blind man. And He does it in such an amazing way! Preschoolers love to use pudding to represent the mud Jesus used on the blind man’s eyes. Don’t be afraid of the messy this week. Your preschoolers will remember it forever.

Story Focus: Everyone needs Jesus. Everyone, not just us or people like us, but everyone needs Jesus. And the best part about that is Jesus wants to help everyone because He loves everyone!

Jan 26/27 Week four is another fun story to act out—the disciples in the storm. Preschoolers love to pretend to be the disciples in the boat and then be Jesus when He said “STOP!”

Story Focus: I need Jesus When I’m scared. Preschoolers will have moments when they are scared and need help. They will need Jesus. How awesome is it that He is always there when we need Him?!

Yes, I need Jesus is the focus this month. And, we know from experience that the older preschoolers get, the more they will need Jesus. Life can be tough. Having a friend like Jesus who knows us, loves us, and has the power to help us can truly change our lives. After all, that’s what friends do. They help one another when they need it. And there is no better friend than Jesus.

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