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A New Series For Your Students In March: Made

Hello Parents of Students!

Welcome to the Mountainview Parents Family! You can come here to find tons of great resources to raise godly students, including what we will be teaching them each week. We are so excited to be transitioning our student ministry to the XP3 curriculum! This is another way for us to create a more cohesive family ministry. Case in point: all of our kids and students, from birth-high school, will be doing a series called “MADE”.

For our students, this series is going to center around a sometimes cringe-worthy (but important) topic: SEX.

When it comes to sex, we all have certain ideas and expectations of what it should—or shouldn’t—be about. But what if all those thoughts and ideas are actually missing the mark? In this series, as we take a look at God’s design for sex, we’ll discover that there’s more to it than we think.

Let’s face it: Sex is everywhere. It’s all across movies, TV, music, social media—really just about everywhere we look. And there are so many messages out there about sex that it’s important we know what God has to say about it. Here’s the truth: God made sex and God made you—both with a purpose and on purpose. Psalm 139:14 David says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” David’s response to looking at who we are and how God created us is praise! As you prepare to lead students through a series about something that can be difficult to talk about and understand, as Worship Leaders, we can take a cue from David. How? By pointing students toward the same response David had: a response that praises God for how they’re made.

March 3rd

Have you ever wondered how certain things are made? Once you learn how something is made, you understand it better. On March 3rd, we want to help students understand that sex and sexuality is more than just something you do; it’s the way you view others, too. Bottom Line: others weren’t made to be objects.

March 10th

If you were an alien visiting Earth, you would probably end up thinking sex is a pretty big deal. But if you were to talk to all the people at your school, all the teenagers in our community and in our country, you might get the idea that sex isn’t that big of a deal at all. On March 3rd, we want to help students realize that sex has more power than our culture would lead them to believe. Bottom Line: sex was made to matter.

March 17th

In middle school and high school, more than ever before, you’re becoming more responsible for your own life. However, it’s probably not as much freedom and control as you want. If there’s one area of life where you do actually have some control, it’s your body. You have control over your sex life. On March 17th, we want to help students recognize God’s desire for them to be in control of their bodies. Bottom Line: you were made to be the boss of your body.

March 24th

Your students are getting a lot of conflicting messages about sex. And a lot of these untrue messages all boil down to one big idea: SEX IS EVERYTHING. When we make anything more than it was made to be, when we elevate something beyond its intended value, we are making it an idol. We are making it a god. For this week, we want to help students realize that sex was never intended to be what gives them worth or value. Bottom Line: you were made for more than sex.

In addition, we will be encouraging our students to start a daily devotional based on this series. We hope that this encourages your student to be in God's word daily, even if it's only for a couple of minutes. Here's the best part: the daily devotional is all digital, and attached to an app they probably already have: the You Version Bible app!

To read the daily devotionals that go along with this series, download the YouVersion Bible app on iOS or Android, or visit Bible.com. Just search for MADE in the Reading Plans section to get started. Then encourage your students to join you in reading the daily devotionals as you all walk through this series together!

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