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My First Look: a look at March 2019 for your preschool kids

Hello parents of children in the preschool phase!

This month, we will begin laying the foundation for some very important future conversations around the subject of sexual integrity. Before we ever talk with kids and teens about what to do and not do with their bodies, we need to start with who made their body and why that makes them so valuable.

And a great place to start is now, in the preschool years, with this simple but powerful truth—God made me. Like the colorful building blocks in our MADE theme art, we want to build the idea that we are all wonderfully made by God in the minds of our preschoolers.


The first block of the foundation we hope to build will be laid week one when we talk about how we are wonderfully made by God. Story Focus: I am wonderfully made. God made each and every one of us and no two of us are the same. We are each unique and special in our own way.

MARCH 9/10

Week two, we will add to the foundation that God made us in His image. Yep, that creativity, smartness, desire to help…you got it all from God because He is creative, smart and helpful too! STORY FOCUS: I am made in God’s image. God made us like Him, and that makes us wonderful!

MARCH 16/17

In Week three, the foundation will get stronger when we talk about how we are very important to God, not because of what we do but because of Who made us. Story Focus: I am important to God. We’ll unpack what the word, important, means while we learn that every individual important to God. Why? Because He made us!

MARCH 23/24

In Week four, we will talk about what it looks like to respect ourselves. After all, something God made deserves a little respect. Story Focus: God made me to respect myself. Respecting ourselves means taking care of our bodies. We need to eat healthy foods, brush our teeth, and get enough rest if we want to respect the bodies God gave us.

MARCH 30/31

In week five, we will talk about what it looks like to respect others. God made all people, so all people deserve respect. Story Focus: God made me to respect others. For preschoolers, respecting others means using kind words, sharing, and playing together nicely. We can be kind to our friends, because God made them too.

Preschoolers need to learn now that they are wonderfully made by God, in His image. This makes them very important and motivates them to respect themselves and others.

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