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A New Series For Your Students In April: Famous Last Words

If you knew your time on Earth was coming to an end, what would you want to say to the people in your life? For Jesus, the days leading up to His death were filled with meaningful conversations with the people around Him. In this series, as we look at some of His famous last words, we’ll discover what Jesus really wanted His followers—both then and now—to know.

MARCH 31st

SCRIPTURE: Luke 22:19-20 NLT (Last Supper)

BOTTOM LINE: remember what God has done for you.

During His time on Earth, Jesus obviously said a lot of things worth writing down. Some of His most profound statements actually happened right before He died. No one can doubt that Jesus’ words have shaped history and culture in an incredible way. The fact that they were written down is a good thing, because we all have a tendency to forget. Forgetfulness can sometimes be one of the biggest barriers to us having a healthy relationship with God. Don’t we all have a hard time remembering all the good things God has done for us, given us, and allowed us to be a part of?

For those of us who have been following Jesus a long time, there have been some significant spiritual moments in our walk with God. But it’s also easy to feel far away or forget why you ever trusted Him in the first place. But know this: God hasn’t changed. We just have to remember Who He is and what He has done for us.


SCRIPTURE: John 17:20-23 NLT (Unity Prayer)

BOTTOM LINE: unity starts with you.

Have you ever heard the term “opposites attract”? It’s an interesting theory. But the truth of the matter is that this theory doesn’t actually play out in real life! We not only gravitate toward people like ourselves, we intentionally move away from people who are different. We like people who see the world like we do.

Here’s the problem: we’re surrounded by people who are nothing like us. Just like having stuff in common makes it easier to connect, differences make it more difficult to connect. When we work together with other people, there are going to be differences, and differences can lead to disunity.

And why is disunity such a big deal? Because disunity will derails you.

This week, we want to help students realize how essential unity is to the mission of the church, and help them identify ways to move beyond their friend group to achieve that unity.

APRIL 14th

SCRIPTURE: Luke 22:39-44 NLT (The Garden)

BOTTOM LINE: trust who God is, even when you don’t understand.

If we’re honest, I bet some of us would admit that, at some point or another, we’ve seen God like the “bad guy.” When we go through seasons of life when we feel like God is the “bad guy,” it’s hard to imagine Him any other way.

It’s hard to pursue an active, growing relationship with God when He seems like the bad guy.

Sometimes, how we feel about God doesn’t represent what is true about God. Jesus chose to see His circumstances through what He knew to be true of God, instead of changing what He thought of God based on what He experienced or felt.

It takes an extraordinary amount of trust in God to face extraordinarily difficult circumstances. This week, we want to remind students that they can be honest and real with God about everything they’re facing, and that they can trust God with the outcome of those situations.


April 21st is Easter weekend and is a Family Service Weekend at Mountainview. Enjoy worshipping together as a family, and happy Easter! He Is Risen!

We encourage you to encourage your students to participate with the Daily Devotionals through the YouVersion Bible App. These daily devos will help your students engage with God’s Word throughout the week. TIP: To find the Daily Devotionals for this series in the YouVersion Bible App, just search for the series title in the Reading Plans section of the app.

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