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My First Look: a look at April 2019 for your preschool kids

Hello Parents!

God created us to be in a relationship with Him and in relationships with people here on earth. He wants us to have friends, and He wants us to be a good friend. In fact, He wants it so much, God sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to show us how to be a good friend and make a way for us to be friends with Him forever. Friendships are a big part of preschoolers’ lives. Through these first relationships, they are learning how to be a friend, have fun with friends, get along with friends, problem solve with friends, resolve conflict with friends, and above all, love friends.


We begin this month with the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. Can you imagine how the disciples felt when Jesus kneeled down to care for their dirty feet? Wow! Story Focus: Jesus is a good friend. In this story, Jesus shows us that a good friend will do the hard jobs. A good friend will serve those he or she loves.

APRIL 14th

Week two is all about celebrating our good friend, Jesus. When the people were shouting and waving those palm branches on what we now celebrate as Palm Sunday, they really had no idea just how amazing Jesus really is. Now that we know, we should praise Him even more! Story Focus: We can praise Jesus. Jesus is so amazing! He deserves our praise. Preschoolers will shout, “Hosanna! Hosanna! Yay, Jesus!” as they march and praise the their friend, Jesus.

APRIL 21st

We will celebrate the event that changed everything. We call it Easter. This is when the meaning of Christmas and Jesus’ birth came full circle. Story Focus: God sent Jesus to be my friend forever. Easter is when people realized that God sent Jesus to be our friend forever. Because of Easter, we can know God personally and God will be with us, always.

APRIL 28th

Week four, we will talk about something else Jesus did to show He is a special friend. After He rose from the dead, Jesus visited His friends, the disciples, and made them breakfast on the beach. Imagine sitting around a fire eating and listening to your best friend Jesus. Story Focus: Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Jesus wants to be with us always and forever.

This month, we hope preschoolers will learn that Jesus is their friend – the best friend they will ever have. If our preschoolers finish this month knowing that Jesus wants to be their friend forever, that is a huge win! That will make it a very Happy Easter!

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