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What's New In 252: a look at April 2019 for your elementary kids

When you’re stumbling in the dark, there’s only one thing to do. Turn on the light! The same is true when you feel like you’re stumbling through a difficult time in your life. Turn on the light of hope!

After all, our hope doesn’t come from this world. Our hope is in Jesus. Jesus died on the cross to defeat sin, darkness, and death—forever. He rose from the dead and proved that everything He said is true. He offers the hope of eternal life to anyone who believes. As we examine the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection, think through your environment and imagine some creative ways that you can use the contrast of light and dark. Help kids see that whatever happens in life, we can have hope in Jesus.


We start the month with friends of Jesus who had lost all hope. John records an incredible moment that we find in John 11:1-45. When Lazarus died, Jesus used the opportunity to point people to God. Jesus was stronger than even death itself and raised Lazarus back to life four days after he had died.

Bottom Line: Whatever happens, remember how powerful God is. God can do amazing things in your life. We pray that kids will understand that when they face something difficult or hard to understand that they’ll find hope that God’s power can help us through whatever we face.

APRIL 13/14

Next, we head to an incredible moment John records in John 12:9-16. God’s people had waited for generations for God to send the Messiah. They were overwhelmed when Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. God kept His promise. The mission to save the world was happening. This didn’t go exactly how they expected, but God was up to something bigger than they could imagine!

Bottom Line: Whatever happens, remember God keeps His promises. Because God keeps His promises, we can trust Him no matter what. Kids will face moments in their life where they might wonder if God will come through for them. We want kids to understand that God will come through. It might not be as they expected, but they can have hope that God will help them through their situation.

APRIL 20/21

This is Easter weekend, and is a FAMILY SERVICE WEEKEND at Mountainview. Enjoy worshipping our risen Lord, and happy Easter!

APRIL 27/28

We finish the month with an important moment recorded in John 20:19-29. Although Thomas was one of Jesus’ disciples, he hadn’t yet seen Jesus face to- face after the resurrection. When the rest of the disciples tried to tell him that Jesus was alive, Thomas couldn’t believe it. Jesus showed up again, went to Thomas and gave him a chance to touch the scars. Thomas knew once and for all that Jesus was alive! Bottom Line: Whatever happens, remember God is bigger than your questions. Questions are a normal part of following Jesus. We won’t always understand what we read in the Bible or why our life looks the way it does. God wants us to be honest about our questions and doubts. We pray that kids will understand that they can have hope knowing God will help them through those doubts.

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