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My First Look: a look at May 2019 for your preschool kids

Hello Parents!

What would you do if you were assigned a huge building project to manage? Or told to step into the leadership role for an entire nation where every person would depend on you to make the right decisions? How about helping someone else accomplish a big job where you’re not going to get much recognition? Or, do the one thing you would be most afraid of doing, while everyone you know watches?

All of these are pretty big things and would intimidate most of us. However, God can help us do really big things. When our preschoolers are faced with big things, we want them to remember to hop to it, because God will help them.

MAY 4/5

On May 4/5, Solomon is given the BIG job of building a temple for God. We’re not talking about a shed in the backyard. This was a temple! And it had to be glorious!

Story Focus: God helps me do big things. Solomon had to lead the builders, figure out how to move the supplies, talk with kings to get the supplies he needed… there were so many decisions. He could have said no, but instead, he hopped to it! And, God helped him along the way.

MAY 11/12

On week two, Joshua gets a tap on the shoulder and is told it’s his turn to lead the nation of Israel. An entire nation! Not to mention he would be following in the footsteps of Moses, one of the most amazing leaders ever. Whew! Talk about a BIG job! But the size of the job didn’t stop Joshua from hopping to it and getting the job done.

Story Focus: God helps me be a strong leader. God told Joshua to be strong and courageous and that He would be with Joshua just as He was with Moses.

MAY 18/19

Week three, Aaron finds himself watching his brother, Moses, struggle to lead during a battle. Instead of ignoring his brother, he hopped to it and helped.

Holding someone else’s arms up, literally, is a BIG job, but the battle was won and the rest is history.

Story Focus: God helps me help others. Moses needed help, and Aaron and Hur were there to help him. When they helped Moses, God’s army was able to win the battle.

MAY 25/26

We end with week four, where not only does something BIG happen but one of the guys in the story is really, well, BIG! His name was Goliath and his meanness was as big as he was! He had God’s people trembling with fear. But not young David. David knew

God was bigger than Goliath, and that’s all he needed to hop to it and take care of business.

Story Focus: God helps me do brave things. God helped David be brave and face Goliath with just his slingshot and some stones.

Our world is filled with things that are big and sometimes scary. When our preschoolers face these big things, we don’t want them to run. We want them to hop to it because they know God is bigger and will help them do big things!

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