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What's New In 252: a look at December 2019 for your elementary kids

Hello Parents!

It’s December . . . the most joyful time of the year! We know that anticipation will be running high for the kids in your environment. Everyone will be dreaming of what they hope to “unbox” under the tree on Christmas morning. Sure, we wish every day could be like Christmas. But the truth is, we need to be able to find joy that can last throughout the year. We need to find a way to be happy, even when things don’t go our way.

That’s why this month is such a great opportunity to help your kids and families focus on the real reason we can have joy—at Christmas and always. As we “unbox” each part of the Christmas story, we’ll discover that real, lasting joy comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus.


We kick off December with some Old Testament prophesies found in Isaiah 9:6-7, Isaiah 53:8, and Micah 5:2. The story of Christmas begins with promises God made long before. God’s people had been waiting for hundreds of years, but all of that was about to change. We take a look at important promises that pointed to Jesus.

Bottom Line: You can have joy because God keeps His promises. Sometimes it’s hard to find joy in the middle of a tough situation. Thankfully, when we look through the Bible, we can see that God has always been at work. Knowing that God faithfully kept His promises in the past can give us joy knowing that He’ll be with us in the future.


In week two, we head to Luke 1:5-25; 57-80 where we find Zechariah and Elizabeth. They were unable to have children. On top of that, they were older and it seemed impossible that they’d ever have a child of their own. But one day an angel came to Zechariah and told him that he would indeed have a son, and that son would prepare the way for the Promised One, Jesus. Zechariah and Elizabeth learned that anything is possible with God.

Bottom Line: You can have joy because anything is possible with God. We will face some difficult moments throughout our lives. But no matter what we face, we can find joy because God can do anything. He may still allow us to go through whatever we’re facing, but He’ll be with us and will give us what we need to get through it.


We continue the story of Christmas in Luke 1:26-56. The Messiah had been promised for generations, but no one would have guessed that God would use a young woman to bring that promise to fulfilment— including that young woman herself. Mary was awestruck when the angel came to announce that she was about to have a child who would be the Savior of the world. She finds joy, trusting that God is up to something bigger than she could have possibly imagined.

Bottom Line: You can have joy because God is with you. Our circumstances do not have to determine how joyful we feel. We may not be happy about what is happening, but joy goes beyond happiness as it is rooted in our trust that God will carry us through whatever we face.

PLEASE NOTE: DECEMBER 29th IS A FAMILY SERVICE WEEKEND, AND WE WLL ALL WORSHIP TOGETHER THAT SUNDAY IN THE AUDITORIUM. Our regular programming will reconvene at the start of the new year on January 5th, 2020. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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