• Phil Christian

My First Look: a look at January 2020 for your preschool kids

Hello Parents!

Happy New Year! We are excited to start the month of January with a brand new theme: BEACH PARTY!

It’s time for a Beach Party—sand, sun, and a whole lot of fun! Jesus spent a great deal of time on or near the beach. In fact, He performed MANY miracles near the water. So, the beach is the perfect environment for our preschoolers to learn that Jesus can do anything.

Our preschoolers learned that God gave us Jesus in December, and now they will learn that because Jesus is God’s Son, He can do anything! With God all things are possible!


Story Focus: Jesus can do anything. Preschoolers will hear about the time Jesus saved a wedding celebration by turning water into wine, or what we like to call super fancy party drink. John, one of Jesus’ disciples, said Jesus just told the people what to do. One minute there were jars of water and the next there were jars of wine.


Story Focus: Jesus can do thing we can’t. Then, they will learn about the time Jesus told Peter to take Him out in his boat to go fishing. Peter and the other fisherman hadn’t caught anything all night, but because Jesus told him to try again he did. Do you know what happened? Jesus and Peter caught so many fish the boat almost sunk! Only Jesus could do that!


Story Focus: Nothing is too hard for Jesus. Next, our preschoolers will hear about Matthew, another one of Jesus’ disciples. He wrote about a time when Jesus fed 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish. Five thousand people—and that’s not even counting the women and children!


Story Focus: Jesus can do the impossible. Finally, the children will hear what Matthew tells us about another time when he and the disciples were out on a boat. They were out a pretty good distance and guess who comes walking towards them on the water? Jesus! Jesus was walking on water. Wow! Jesus can do anything.

Throughout their lives, children will encounter things they can’t do. But, in Jesus, they have a friend who can do it all. There is no better friend than Jesus, and He wants to be our friend forever.

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