Purity is much more than refraining from sex or heeding a list of don'ts. It is a positive, passionate existence that frees us to experience all God made us to enjoy. Sadly, our culture bombards kids with opportunities to tarnish their lives. So how do we help our children go against the norm and live a life filled with the intense joys only purity can bring?

Come explore Parenting Through The Phases at Mountainview's Faith Path Purity Seminar on Saturday, October 22nd from 9-11:30 AM in the Great Room.

This seminar will focus on helping you set healthy boundaries for and with your kids, especially in the areas of technology and social media. Come and learn:
~How to teach your kids to use social media responsibly
~How to set limits on when, where, and how much you use devices in your family--without isolating your kids from their friends.
~How to handle the tough stuff: inappropriate sharing, bullying, and pornography.
~How to make digital media a force that knits your family together rather than ripping you apart at the seams.